Thursday, March 29, 2007

XNA WindowSystem Screenshots

It's been a while since my last post, but I've been working hard on my GUI for the XNA Framework. There's a couple already available for free on the web, but I was really going for more of a complete window system, that could be used for game tools as well as game interfaces.

These screenshots show most of the controls available, and examples of them in use. As part of the development process, I've been working on a tile map editor to test out how the GUI should be used, and to uncover bugs.


TehOne said...

Are you going to make this skinable? Is it going to be open source? Are you implementing this as components?

O yeah... And... It looks GREAT!

Aaron said...

Thanks for the interest.

The short answer is yes it's fully skinnable, but I've not fully decided how it'll ultimately be done. At the moment you can change the skin texture, but for more flexibility with corner sizes and fonts etc, you can use static method calls, or set individual settings for each control. I've not used a wide variety of skins yet, so it will require lots of testing in the future.

It will definitely be free, but I don't know about open source yet. All that licensing stuff makes my head hurt!

The class for handling input events and the actual GUI manager are implemented as components, with the manager handling all the child controls itself.

I'll be posting the source code sometime over the next few days.

Jacob said...

Nice. Now all I need is for you to make a video playing library and you'll be my hero!

R&R Clan said...

It seams very good however I am having a hard time getting this to work correctly.

I have your latest release however it throws errors whilst running.


Line 65 of Tutorial2:
The render target must not be set on the device when calling GetTexture.

And when writing my own with just a msg box is shows this error...

Beginning Line 326 of Label.cs

// Save rendered texture
this.renderedTexture = this.renderTarget.GetTexture();

There is the same problem with this.

Any ideas?