Monday, April 23, 2007

Quick Update

I've been pleased to learn that some people have started to use my window system, at least to play around with. If anybody manages to finish a game or tool that uses the GUI, then I'd love to hear about it.

Obviously the system is in it's early stages, and is yet to be used in an actual game. The good news is that I now have an Internet connection on my development computer now, so I'll be able to resume work on it sometime over the next few days. Before I do that however, I'd like to write another couple tutorials to bring everybody up to speed on how to use the system. Also, I'd like to write an article on the design of the system, which may help people to understand it better, especially for those who wish to expand upon it.

I'm hoping to finish the first version of my XNA tile map editor I've been working on in parallel with the window system. The source code for that should shed some light on how best to use the system. The tutorials are actually based on what I learned from building that application.

Regarding the Internet connection, I spent several hours yesterday looking for that perfect spot in my basement room where I could get a signal from the wireless router with more than a one bar signal strength. Turns out it's in the closet, so the computer is currently half inside my room and the closet!

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