Monday, September 3, 2007

CodePlex Hosting and the Future

Hi guys. I've finally got full project hosting set up, but I decided to go with CodePlex in the end. It seemed well suited to my needs, and is already home to other XNA projects. I will not be using the current temporary forum anymore, but the discussions feature on CodePlex instead.

I have updated the first new release by changing the name of the project, adding a license, and cleaning up the directory structure. The new name is Window System for XNA, instead of XNA Window System. It may seem like an unnecessary change, but it means that XNA is no longer in the official title, as Microsoft doesn't approve of that. I decided on the New BSD license, which is more permissive than the other open source licenses. Finally, the projects now reference binary DLLs, instead of requiring all projects to be included in the solution.

I have been working on fixing the current bugs, and have decided to make some rather large changes along the way. The GUI will no longer be drawn with render targets, because I couldn't get premultiplied alpha values to work correctly, which screwed up font rendering. The font support provided in XNA Refresh will now be used instead of XNAExtras. I will also be adding joypad support for the Xbox 360 controller as well as regular Windows controllers. Support for the Xbox 360 will be added in the longer term (when I find somebody with an Xbox 360 to implement it). These and many other changes will be added over the coming months. You can keep up to date with the project by using the source control feature of the CodePlex project.

Please consider helping with the project, either by contributing code, working on documentation, artwork, or by submiting bugs and helping out in discussions.


Anonymous said...

I think hosting the project on Codeplex was a good decision. I’m really looking forward to the upcoming changes.
Keep up the great work!

Aaron said...

Thanks, I was considering using the Google one, but I thought CodePlex would be a better home for a project based on Microsoft technology. Particularly because that's where people would generally look for a project of that nature.

Takamatsu said...

Yeah hosting with codeplex was the best idea you could have done. It really makes development for projects so much easier.
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